Thursday, August 19, 2004

World's Largest Solar Power Project announced

PowerLight Corporation, K&S Consulting Group, and Deutsche Structured Finance announced a plan to build the world’s largest solar power project in Bavaria, Germany. The 10 Megawatts Bavarian Solarpark uses tracking technology to generate renewable electricity. Construction is one third complete, with electricity generation beginning in October and full operation expected by December 2004.

According to the article on Solarbuzz, the German Renewable Energy Law was critical to the project's success, by promoting renewable energy. This legislation, newly expanded to include ground-mounted systems such as the Bavaria Solarpark, is expected to drive further growth of the German photovoltaic market.


Blogger Andy Bochman said...

10 MW is a heck of a lot for a solar installation. And I assume Bavaria is not the optimal spot on earth for solar. Sounds like quite an engineering feat. Let's do this X one thousand on our southwestern deserts.

12:39 pm, October 24, 2004  

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