Sunday, August 15, 2004

6 Tidal Power Turbines for New York

Of all renewable energy sources, wind power and solar power are currently among the most cost effective and scalable. These are the sources which can supply a large proportion of the electricity we currently use at an affordable price.

However wave power and tidal power are two technologies which are in the development stage. Although they may sound the same the difference as I understand it (and if I'm wrong please someone correct me in the comments section!) is:

UPDATE: I got it the wrong way round but no-one else spotted it so I'm correcting myself!

tidal power - tidal power involves blocking the flow of the sea by creating a dam across a bay or estuary. To the best of my knowledge there are approximately 40 sites in the world suitable for major tidal power projects. Therefore it can make a global contribution albeit a small one (however for the U.K. it can contribute up to 15% of current electricity generation). Tidal stream technology however does NOT involve block the tide. The tidal turbines in New York are an example of tidal stream power.

wave power - this uses the power of ocean waves to generate electricity. It can potentially be used in many locations worldwide however the technology is still in its infancy.

If the project goes to plan Verdant Power of Virginia plans to grow the number of turbines in the New York's East River to 200-300 free-standing units spaced along the river.


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This is not how large tidefarms will look. To see how they will look, go to

John Armstrong

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