Saturday, August 14, 2004

Colorado's Wind Power could Triple by 2007

The Denver Post reports Xcel Energy one of the U.S.'s largest utility companies plans to triple wind power generation from a current level of 250 megawatts to 750 megawatts. This would put Colorado as the 3rd largest wind power generator behind California and Texas.

However alternative energy advocate Manolo Gonzalez-Estay from Coloradans for Clean Energy is quoted as saying "They're moving in the right direction. However, our concern is that they're not moving quickly enough."

The move by Xcel energy would take the proportion of electricity generated through renewable sources from 4% to 10%. To put this in context Spain which already generates 10% of its electricity from renewable energy has set a target of 40% by 2010.

The article also notes Xcel energy has OPPOSED an initiative on the November ballot that would require Xcel and other energy providers in Colorado to generate more of their energy from renewable sources.

UPDATE: There is a petition on which asks Xcel Energy to reconsider its position on the renewables initiative.

Generating 10% of electricity from renewable sources for any state or country is not enough, if we are going to solve our current and future energy problems we need to be much more ambitious.