Sunday, September 12, 2004

U.S. Oil Independence - A Pipe Dream?

There's a great quote from Herman Franssen, president of International Energy Associates in this article.

Cutting U.S independence is "like saying when you're obese that you should stop importing foreign food".

"You need to reduce your dependence on (all) oil," Franssen said.

"Not foreign oil. Oil."

An August Luntz poll of 800 potential voters showed that 50 percent of respondents want more renewable energy sources. The article also quotes Houston analyst Matthew Simmons who has questioned the veracity of the Saudi Arabia's crude oil reserve estimates and asserted that its oil production is near its peak.

It will take decades to make the switch to clean renewable energy sources. If oil production reaches the tipping point at any time before we make the switch the world maybe in serious trouble. The world needs to act now.

Reuters Article

Association for the Study of Peak Oil

Matthew Simmons