Thursday, September 09, 2004

World's Largest Solar Energy Plant opened in Germany

The world's largest solar power station officially started production this week in eastern Germany according to an article in Expatica.

The project was hailed by Environment Minister Juergen Trittin as advancing the timetable to make the sun's power cheaper. The five-megawatt facility, located on a former lignite mine ash deposit, consists of some 33,500 solar modules. The output equates to the electricity needs of some 1,800 households while sparing the atmosphere of some 3,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, officials said.

Trittin, of Germany's environmentalist Green party is quoted as saying "in 15 years' time solar energy could become competitive with conventional sources. Over the past few years the cost of solar power had been lowered by more than 50 percent".

Expatica article

A 10megawatt solar power project was annouced in August:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its really a great news to listen that now the Solar Power generation Plant, in reality, for a mega project in Germany.

I think that it the most consistent source of renewable energy. Though it started with 5 Mega Watt but its a great start in itself.

The most unique part of this solar energy is that it requires one time investment and almost no maintenance charge.

If we talk in term of financial investment then we can say that it has FIXED COST+ ZERO VARIABLE COST.

I would like to hear more such news from different part of world.

Its Awanish Kumar from Delhi, India.

1:42 am, January 29, 2007  

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