Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Spain to Triple Wind Power by 2010

Actually this was announced several months ago but it appears Spanish politicians (as is becoming the habit of their colleagues throughout the world) have re-announced this impressive target.

Currently Spain produces approximately 10% of its electricity using wind power.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Royal Academy of Engineering

8:51 pm, August 24, 2004  
Blogger James said...

Postings a link is NOT posting a comment. I take it your point is that renewables are more expensive (when externalities are NOT taken into account).

Anyway, a quote from the report:

"Renewables are generally more expensive than conventional generation technologies. This is due in part to the immaturity of the technology and the more limited opportunity to take advantage of cost savings brought about by economies of scale usually associated with more traditional fossil-fuel types of generation."

"The nuclear industry has stated costs have fallen significantly but this has been difficult to verify"

The report hardly delivers an expose of "the fatal defects of wind energy" as the homepage of (your?) the linked website promises.

2:23 am, August 25, 2004  

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