Monday, August 23, 2004

New York Times article on Alternative Energy Investment

This New York Times article on alternative energy investment notes that companies involved in alternative energy have missed the recent rally in oil and gas company shares. It also lists hydrogen as being a source of power - it's worrying that some of the people getting paid to write about alternative energy seem to lack a basic understanding of it.

An equity analyst points out that it's difficult to make a quick buck as alternative energy is a capital intensive industry unlike the bubble companies of the dot-com boom of the nineties.

However, Charlie Thomas, a manager of environmental funds at Jupiter Asset Management in London, notes that some makers of wind turbines are already profitable, including two of his favorites, Vestas Wind Systems of Denmark and Gamesa of Spain.

"Wind is becoming more and more interesting," Thomas said. With oil and gas prices so high, he added, "onshore wind is just about the most efficient source of energy and is providing increasing competition against fossil-fuel energy sources."

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