Friday, December 24, 2004

Alternative Energy New Zealand: 120MW Wind Farm for NZ

The New Zealand Herald reports plans for a high-tech wind farm that will boost total New Zealand wind power generation capacity by almost 70 per cent were unveiled yesterday by TrustPower.

The 120MW wind farm will cost about NZ$220 million (USD $158m) to build in the Tararua Ranges near Palmerston North. It will generate enough power for 52,000 homes.

By using the latest computerised equipment, TrustPower will need to install just 40 turbines.

Chief executive Keith Tempest said that five years ago generating the same amount of power by wind would have taken 160 turbines.

The new turbines are individually controlled by micro-computers. They are able to constantly readjust the angle of their blades to maximise efficiency as the wind changes direction and strength.

The new plant could be operational by 2006.

Article on New Zealand Wind Power


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are your numbers correct? If they are, NZ is producing wind power at far cheaper costs than this one proposed in the US, although I guess it's more expensive to build out at sea.

Best of luck to them.

11:31 am, June 25, 2008  

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