Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Alternative Energy Israel: $250m Solar Power Station

Dome of the Rock (Al-Quds) Mosque, Jerusalem, Israel

Israel's National Infrastructure Ministry is planning a US $250 million solar power station in Negev with an initial supply to 0.1 gigawatts, with later expansion to 0.5 gigawatts. The cabinet has decided to produce 2 percent of Israel's electricity from renewable energy sources by the end of 2005.

Haaretz Article on Israeli Solar Power Station


Blogger Jason Koulouras said...

Thanks for the post - most appreciated


4:32 pm, November 11, 2004  
Blogger Engineer-Poet said...

100 MW.  $250 million.  $2500/kw.  That's not even competitive with nuclear; it better get some economies of scale on the way up to 500 MW, or the concept isn't going to go very far.

6:12 am, November 12, 2004  
Blogger Fulvio said...

In a country struk by an everending war between people, it is very positive that we can see this kind of initiatives. It is true that the power generated is ridiculous compared to the needs of the country, but first of all it is a good start that I would have found inconcievable for a country busy in solving other struggles like Israel. Secondly, nuclear power would not be a smart solution in a country where some people are waiting on line to get their radioactive material needed for their religious causes...BOOM! know what I mean...Alternative energy is a peaceful unrisky and long term solution for countries that wish to be at the very hight of next civilization.
Thanks for posting this blog!

12:25 pm, November 24, 2004  
Blogger miranda said...

WOW! I didn't know that! It sounds great to me!
But as "Engineer-Poet" pointed out, it's not that convenient.. so why are they choosing this new technology? Economy of scale in a small country like that? Mmm.. is it really only a matter of new technology or there is more underneath.. :-?

1:51 pm, November 24, 2004  
Blogger Fulvio said...

No time for phylosophy...Climate is changing !
Sure there are economic interests underneath also, but money are a mean used to find and finance alternative solutions to the devastation of our planet's environment...

2:21 pm, November 24, 2004  
Blogger whorush said...

really happy to see this.

there's plenty of struggles going on there, but israeli's are used to it, and do their thing anyway. there's tons of good science and art comming from that little country.

as far as solar v. nuclear, like engineer-poet said, perhaps they will be able to flex some econ. of scale on the way up to .5GW. also, i don't know, but i would bet that a solar system like has a much lower variable cost than nuclear. there's the waste, all the monitoring, all the safe guarding, all the terrorism prevention, etc. this thing just works.

12:27 pm, November 28, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that $ per W was mentioned since the current largest solar plant, in germany, paid $5 per watt. Israel is getting a deal.

12:48 pm, August 17, 2005  

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