Wednesday, August 11, 2004

has been celebrities against wind power

Noel Edmonds - once the face of Saturday night TV in England

Wind power is in my opinion THE best renewable energy source at the moment. It's cost competitive with fossil fuels used to generate electricity, it's a proven technology and it's scalable. Solar power in comparison (which can also make a valuable contribution) is currently significantly more expensive than fossil fuel electricity and requires action by consumers (e.g. installing solar panels).

Of course some people like businessman (that's what he now calls himself) Noel Edmonds oppose them because they may pose a small threat to birds, though that doesn't stop airports and skyscrapers getting built. I suspect the main reason is they just don't want to live near a wind farm is that they find them ugly. The solution of course is that as fossil fuels run out they can have the default alternative of politicians built next door to them -
a nuclear power plant.

And we all know how popular they are.

Guardian Newspaper Article

Here's the website for the "Renewable Energy Foundation" -
what a great name for an anti-wind power group


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I saw a similar article in washington post

and some slashdot comments on them.

Interesting read.

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