Thursday, August 12, 2004

Colorado: Pork barrel spending from energy dinosaurs

The Denver Post reports Citizens for "Sensible Energy", funded unsurprising not by regular citizens but by three of the major suppliers of energy in Colorado, are campaigning against a proposal to require the state's largest energy providers to make greater use of renewable energy resources.

Instead energy executives prefer to raise energy prices (by an average of 73% last winter) and pay themselves multi-million dollar salaries.

The article predicts this being the first of many battles with the energy dinosaurs across America.


Blogger James said...

When it comes to cutting consumption a significant proportion may be unwilling to make sacrifices if they are not aware of the full facts regarding the present energy situation.

However given the choice between electricity generated from fossil fuel sources (coal, gas, oil) & a clean renewable source like wind power the majority of people will choose wind power even if it costs slightly more.

If through subsidy and/or efficiency gains the cost of wind power is the same or lower than fossil fuels I believe given the choice the vast majority of people will choose the renewable energy.

The issue is getting the infrastructure & regulatory environment right by corporations & governments so regular people are able to make this choice.

12:10 pm, August 13, 2004  

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